I want to see you achieve ultimate health. Let me help you do that.

The solution is out there. It comes in the form of knowledge, not fad diets and quick fixes.

Work 1:1 with me to learn about the food that you eat every day, and, more importantly, learn how to acknowledge your emotions. What feelings do you experience daily that you are not able to “digest?” Know that it IS possible to control how we focus on food. I will help you confront your emotions that feel far too painful and scary to address.

The effects of my program are more than just physical. They are mental, emotional and spiritual.

Feel better, have more energy, become more confident and begin living a healthier life.  

It is an inner freedom. This is our solution.

This course will teach you SO many invaluable things, including:

  • How to adopt a “whole foods” lifestyle
  • How to optimize your immune system, enhance sleep, and increase your energy
  • The tools to rehabilitate and supercharge your metabolism
  • The underlying root meaning behind food cravings
  • How to read body cues and know your unique personal metabolism needs
  • How to connect with emotions, enhance your mood and increase your hormone health

Transformation comes from the inside and moves outward. I am NOT forcing a hyper clean diet on you. Often with coaches, this is the case. When this happens, it means that you can NEVER go off of the diet, because a crack in the diet will throw you completely off course.

My program is different.

This course is for…

  • Busy moms longing to better care for their family
  • Those wanting to safely and effectively lose weight
  • Those who are preparing for pregnancy
  • People with diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Those that want to learn how to cook and eat healthier
  • Athletes that need improved nutrition
  • Those with a zest for becoming empowered, preventing disease, achieving longestivity, taking anti-aging measures and using food as fuel

Through treating our inner world at the same time that we address nutrition, we are never prisoners to our diet. Our diet is the beautiful house on top of a strong foundation of soil.

I know that your resistance is a subconscious response to the knowledge that I am speaking the truth. It’s scary to make changes. This program works, and I know that you feel the call deep within your soul. You are ready for the change.

Change begins with YOU. It begins with an initiative to truly make a change. You must have a drive and a willingness to break old habits. Habits are what have gotten you to where you are today, so in order to change them, you must change.

Let’s get this change rolling.

“This program truly is a lesson in shifting your lifestyle for better health, not a diet. The knowledge I gained I will have for life. I was shocked and amazed over the things I learned about food and the way it affects my body and overall health. An added bonus: I lost weight and inches and will continue to do so! Thank you Dr. Neetu for your support throughout!”

Tyler Shaw